Goodbye Radical – hello Leading Social


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After 5.5 years it’s time for me to say goodbye to my Radical and Core Media family. It’s been an incredible journey of challenging tasks, creative solutions, awards, lessons and making life-long friends. With exciting times ahead for Radical and Core  I’ll be looking on with admiration wishing them the best in every way.

Cian Corbett's highlights of working in Radical

A few snapshots of the great times in Radical 2012-2017

The exciting times are not theirs alone – my own personal journey starts a new chapter joining Leading Social as Managing Director. It’s an incredible opportunity to join a hugely creative team as well as serial entrepreneur, Jamie White.

So here’s to the exciting times ahead and if you’d like to get in touch with me at Leading Social you can reach me on

Cian Corbett's Linkedin Post capturing Day 1 as Managing Director of Leading Social

Day 1 as Managing Director of Social Media Agency “Leading Social”


Story-telling through Social Content – speaking at Social Media Summit 2017


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Everyone loves a good story! And no one knows this better than advertisers. For decades brands have been injecting their products with human qualities with a view to creating and sustaining relationships. The continued rise of Social Media has really brought this to the fore with brands needing to create more content to fuel the conversation on Social Media. While before a brand’s annual communications calendar may have relied on a creative campaign per quarter cushioned with sales messages today’s Social Media calendar demands continuous content to stay alive. As we say in Radical:

“Social Media isn’t just for Christmas”, meaning a successful social strategy needs to be much more than one campaign per quarter – it’s a relationship that needs to be nurtured and developed with value-adding experiences and conversation.

At this year’s Social Media Summit I spoke about the importance of Story Telling and Content Creation in nurturing these relationships. I purported that brands need to define the role their brand plays in the lives of their customers and how social content can tell this story. This should bring every brand on Social firmly into objective lead marketing with each piece of content providing proof of their brand values.

You can view my slides below 🙂

Focus Ireland’s Contactless Donation Station is nominated for a CSR Award!


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Delighted to write that Radical’s Contactless Donation Station created for Focus Ireland has been nominated for a CSR Award. I was so proud to be part of this innovation, which has already won a Digital Marketing Award  for Best Use of Interactive Media in February.

Picture of Focus Ireland's Contactless Donation Station, housed at 16 Sir John Rogersons Quay, Built by Radical

Focus Ireland’s Contactless Donation Station

Click here if you’d like to read about the insights behind building Ireland’s first Contactless Donation station and if you’d like to support the amazing work carried out every day by Focus Ireland you can click here to make a donation.

Radical's Salvo Vaccarino and Cian Corbett joined by Focus Ireland's Eimear Kellett and Aoife Cooney

Radical’s Salvo Vaccarino and Cian Corbett joined by Focus Ireland’s Eimear Kellett and Aoife Cooney

Radical win Social Media Agency of the year for the 5th time!


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I’m very proud to write a familiar blog – Radical have been crowned Best Social Agency for the 5th year in a row!

Radical Win Best Social Media Agency 2017

Radical Win Best Social Media Agency 2017

I was particularly proud of our entry for the Road Safety Authority who picked up the award for Best Use of Social Media by a State Body. This is a particularly competitive category which has been dominated by the Defence Forces since I’ve been attending the awards. This year the RSA’s entry, bolstered by the Facebook Memories campaign ,was recognised for it’s continued effort to making Ireland’s roads safer by speaking to disparate road using communities in a bid to increase road use behaviour.

Cian Corbett (Radical) and Elaine Gibson (Road Safety Authority)

Road Safety Authority win Best Use of Social Media by a State Body


The Social Media Awards have become an interesting barometer for me in my career. On the evening of my very first day in Radical in 2012, I joined my new team at the Social Media Awards. And here we, 5 years later with a brand new team but the same creative and innovative spirit driving us to push the boundaries of social.

Speaking at Linkedin’s Agency Master Class


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A few weeks ago I joined Radical’s Hannah-Louise Dunne in presenting our recent Linkedin projects at Linkedin’s Agency Master Class. At this session we detailed our approach to a client’s brief wanting to reach and engage a Business to Business Audience.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 15.13.50.png

At the beginning of the session I felt compelled to ask the audience what they felt to be the best part of Linkedin.

The room fell silent.

It’s checking who’s viewed your profile, of course! That stuff is delicious! It’s like a Professional Valentine’s Day Card or, better still, a friend in school who knows when someone fancies you! Jokes aside though we did share our views on B2B assignments and approaches to B2B content creation.  

Firstly, we felt it necessary to dispel a common misconception – that B2B means Boring to Boring! Like Gary Vaynerchuk states, we believe that behind every business is a consumer meaning emotions still play a critical role in content. 

We then showcased some recent case studies demonstrating leverage points for B2B content creation:

  1. Create B2B discussion
  2. Share Peer Insights
  3. Leverage Influencers
  4. Seed out new findings

The presentation can be found below, I hope you find it useful in your B2B endeavours!

Optimising Social Media to get ahead in your career


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This week I had the pleasure of speaking at DIT’s Creative Careers Day in IMMA. It’s always a complement to be invited to speak at events but this event felt special as I was giving helpful advice to creatives getting started in their careers.

Cian Corbett presenting at DIT's Creative Careers Day at Irish Museum of Modern Art

Cian Corbett speaking at DIT’s Creative Careers Day at IMM Pic: Twitter @Eilera7

It can be an unsettling period in your life concentrating on getting good grades in College while a questions mark hangs over your next steps when college finishes. Luckily, these students can begin opening doors for themselves by optimising their Social Media accounts.

My first piece of advice was to decide their “Personal Professional Brand”. From there it’s a matter of cementing their name on Google by surrounding their content with the relevant keywords.

My presentation gave tips on:

  • Blogging to demonstrate your expertise and capture your experience
  • Optimising Linkedin to establish your professional purpose
  • Utilising Twitter to syndicate your content

You can view my slides on the Slideshare below and feel free to tweet me with any questions. Best of luck on the job hunt!

The Evolution of Video on Social


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I recently spoke at IAB’s Video Nation Connect 2016 on the Evolution of Video and Social and see below for the full presentation and my thoughts below.


However, 8 years ago it was a very different story. The main players emerging on the social stage were Facebook and Twitter and while video sharing made up an important component of the social content the platforms weren’t built to host videos. There was a heavy reliance on YouTube, first as just innocuous links and then as embedded videos. YouTube was sitting pretty – here were two emerging and growing platforms feeding it’s thriving revenue model. Facebook and Twitter were aware of the growing demand for video to be viewed within the platforms themselves and enabled embedded YouTube and Vimeo links but they were working on their own solutions.

2013 came along heralding in a new age in Social Video. The first shots were fired by Twitter by acquiring a 7 second looping video platform, and network in its own right, Vine. Not only did this foster a new way of viewing, sharing and capturing video but it kick-started a new wave of video influencers, “the Vine Stars” like Thomas Sanders and  Lele Pons. Not to be outdone, Facebook quickly caught up with Instagram’s 14 second video offering. Making a splash in its own right was the independent newcomer Snapchat: a 9 second disposable micro-moment that would become the must have network for Gen Z and brought with it its own host of influencers and stars.

In 2014, with video firmly on the agenda for all players Facebook and Twitter both launched native video solutions which saw billions of views which were usually reserved for YouTube now being consumed on Facebook and Twitter. As well as providing a better experience for users by hosting the videos on Facebook natively, the scales were tipped in Facebook favour by an algorithm that favoured native Facebook videos in newsfeed rankings and cost per clicks respectively.

2015 would bring another evolution of social video with the introduction of live video broadcasting platforms Meerkat and Twitter’s Periscope. Snapchat joined the live video party by inking deals with NFL, Wimbledon and Fashion Week to provide Live updates. Again, never to be undone Facebook changed the game with their live broadcasting offering with Facebook Live. Facebook offered influencers, and then brands, the ability to live-stream events drawing the community together in real-time.  In 2016, Facebook Live became available to all users and provided a live map where they could tune into events unfolding live rivalling news channels with the agility of reporting events as they happened.

The evolution of video on social has seen the leap from social sharing to social “living” but where can we expect to go from here? Well, where we watched Facebook and YouTube battle for video views and budget the next battle seems to be between Facebook and Snapchat who command 8 billion and 10 billion daily video views respectively. In advertising terms the money is on Facebook retaining their monetary crown, however, Snapchat’s media options are set to become available in Ireland in Q4. This could usher in a cue for advertisers to redirect budget to Snapchat in a bid to chase the younger demographic.

And while that may be where the advertisers could be tempted to go, the creative teams are being lead to Facebook’s VR offering. Recently at Cannes, Within’s Chris Milk stated:

“VR is a completely new medium, which will do for emotional experiences what the internet did for information.”

Facebook are leading the path to these emotional experiences and their 360 video platform has opened a whole new dimension (literally!) in creative story-telling. Radical too availed of the new platform for AIB by creating 360 video experience for AIB’s GAA sponsorship giving fans an immersive VR experience of standing on The Hill in Croke Park which you can view here. Not only was this campaign incredibly enjoyable to make but it is being warmly received by fans of GAA and fans of VR alike.

From the trends we are seeing in advertising there are two things for certain: The future of advertising is video and the future of video is VR.

Essential Tips for Live Tweeting at Events


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Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of Live tweeting for a range of different clients for various events: International Sporting Events, National TV Shows, Concerts, Economic Conferences, Road Safety Conferences, Radio Sponsorships and Awards Shows. And even when I’m attending these events as a spectator I can’t help but check in and view the event through the eyes of Twitter. With this in mind I thought I’d put a few tips which may be helpful for your next live tweeting event.

  1. Define the role of your voice in the wider conversation

As I have noted before, like all communication, Social Media needs an objective to be effective. While planning your event assign a role for Social Media to play when live tweeting.

  • Am I assisting the event with directions or agendas?
  • Am I adding additional information not available anywhere else?
  • Am I highlighting a Sponsorship?
  • Am I speaking exclusively to those at the event or to an audience at home or both?

An example of an internal mission statement could be:

“At this conference my live tweets will inform my followers of the latest trends from international speakers with direct quotes, high quality images and links to further information.”


“I am live tweeting to bring my company’s sponsorship to life online.”

Your Live Tweeting content should support your mission statement and not stray from your original objective.

2. Add value with your contribution

One mistake that is commonly made with Live Tweeting is joining the conversation with nothing in particular to say. I’ve often seen Live Tweets from an event that added nothing to my Twitter newsfeed as a hashtag follower.

Compare the value adding content of these two tweets:


Which of these two tweets would you prefer to see in your timeline?

The second tweet contributes to the conversation and adds value for those following at home and maybe for those at the conference who missed that quote. (I used my own tweet as a bad example as I’m too nice to insult someone else!)

3. High Quality Imagery is Key

This echoes my second point about adding value but is almost certainly the most common offender in Live Tweeting. How many times have you seen a poor quality grainy image distorted by fast moving lighting taken with a shaky hand and a blurry lens?

Even Apple CEO, Tim Cook, fell victim to this at the Superbowl where he rushed to take part in the conversation but his blurry image reflected his companies image taking abilities in a very poor light (pardon the pun!)


Tim Cooke’s Twitter Image

And the Twitterati were quick to point this out!


Resist the urge to share a poor quality image and try taking your time to wait for the perfect shot. You might get lucky by timing the perfect pic and you’ll be rewarded with retweets. If the lighting or bustling crowd has hindered you then ask yourself does your sub-par image add anything to the conversation other than proving you were there. Perhaps scanning the Hashtag for a great image and retweeting that pic would be more appropriate? It will add more value for your followers and the pic-taker will appreciate the retweet.

4. Research and use the appropriate Hashtag

This will be obvious to most but it’s a common occurrence for users to make a presumption on the relevant hashtag rather than checking first. Using the right Hashtag will add context to your tweet and allow you to join the current conversation. This has always been the true gift of Twitter wherein a hashtag will unite a community of interested parties even though they’re not following each other or may not have an existing relationship, yet here they are joined in conversation.

Screenshot of Twitter's Saved Searches

Twitter Saved Searches

Save the Hashtag as a saved search in your Twitter profile and interact with the conversation:

  • Retweet the best content
  • Favourite the tweets you like most
  • Follow or reply to the best contributors

5. Don’t clutter your followers’ newsfeed with too many tweets

The previous points have focused on creating value for your followers so ask yourself “is this event relevant to my followers?”

Your company may only be associated with this event through a sponsorship deal or you may be branching out from your area of speciality (the area your followers followed you for). Either reason could lead you to be sharing information with your followers who have no interest in the content.

Ensure you do not clutter your followers’ newsfeed with content they never asked for with the following two tips:

  • Take note of your follower count before the event and monitor for unfollows.
  • Aim for engagement – retweets, replies, favourites

Ideally the event will be an appropriate match for your followers and the content will be welcomed with engagement and your followers will grow through retweet-exposure and fellow Hashtag contributors. However, if the event is a departure from the your followers’ interests and you notice a few unfollows and a distinct lack of engagement then place a cap on your tweets.

I hope you found these tips helpful! If you have any others feel free to tweet me at @Cian_Corbett