Putting the Social back into Social Media – Speaking at the CCMA Member Forum


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Having won the best use of Social at the CCMA Awards at the past two CCMA awards, I was honoured to be asked to speak at the CCMA Members Forum event. I called our presentation ‘AIB – Putting the Social back into Social Media’ in which I outlined:

  • AIB’s presence on Social Media
  • The Be Human methodology
  • AIB’s Customer Care social experience process

I was thrilled to share the stage with my colleague Eimear who has been instrumental in implementing our new strategy and was proud of her presentation delivery. You can watch our presentation below and feel free to tweet me if you have any questions.

Cian Speaking at Social Media Dublin 28th January 2021


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I really enjoyed speaking at Social Media Dublin last week – I didn’t realise how much I miss conferences!
And I especially liked Cormac McCann’s campaign for Dublin Rape Crisis Centre titled #100Consent which you can read about here. I thought it was a great example of Influencer Marketing done well and it’s always so great to see Social used for good. 

Hopefully, we’ll get back to physical conferences at some stage next year – without seeing peoples faces I’ve no idea if those social media jokes landed or not!

AIB win Best Use of Digital Channels at CCMA Awards 2020


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2020 will be known for lots of strange behaviours and wearing a tuxedo to stream an event in your attic will be one of them. At least my daughter Eve was willing to get dressed up with me to make it feel like more of an occasion.

Cian and Eve Corbett dressed in tuxedo and princess dress all ready for the CCMA Awards 2020. AIB won Gold for Best Use of Digital Channels in Customer Care.
Cian and Eve Corbett ready for the CCMA Awards 2020

And the effort wasn’t in vain – I’m delighted to report that AIB’s entry won Gold for Best Use of Digital Channels for Customer Care. I’m thrilled for the Social Team for the tireless work they do at @AskAIB and it’s fantastic to see our strategy recognised by our peers.

So it was Ribena and toast in the attic instead of a meal and a pint in the Clayton but hopefully we’ll have another cause for celebration next year.

AIB win 5 Social Media Awards at #Sockies2020

I think we’d all agree that we needed a lift in 2020 and the Social Media Awards certainly gave us that. I’m delighted for our Digital Team for picking up 2 Golds, A Silver and 2 Bronze at #Sockies2020 including Best Social Media Strategy for a Financial Organisation.

Social Media Awards 2020 Winner - AIB for Best Social Media Strategy

And while it’s a shame we couldn’t all be there together this year (I streamed the event from my attic) it’ll be all the more special when we’re hopefully all together at the RDS for Sockies 2021!

Frank and Walters performing on Late Late Show


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It’s always a thrill going to RTE to perform on TV but it was a huge honour to be asked to be the first band to play on The Late Late Show’s return to the air in 2020. The COVID restrictions made the experience a little muted in that there was no studio audience (and no Green Room party!) but it was still a lovely experience. Even seeing my bandmates The Franks after not seeing each other in so long was a welcome experience in this difficult year.

We should have been taking the stage in Electric Picnic but performing on the Late Late Show stage is a healthy consolation. Hope you like the performance!

Contributing to Social Bakers ‘Productivity Hacks’ Video



I’ve been a fan of Social Bakers for a long time. They conduct very useful social media research and publish their findings in engaging ways with infographics, podcasts and videos – exactly how the medium demands. Most importantly, they create value-adding content so I was delighted to take part in their recent ‘Productivity Hacks’ blog and video (see below for my tips at 2.38)



Hope these tips help your productivity!

AIB Win Team of the Year at the Social Media Awards 2019


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I’m absolutely thrilled to write that our Digital and Innovation Team had a successful night at the Social Media Awards. It’s my first time entering the awards as a client and not with an agency so to enter with 5 nominations and walk away with 3 wins was amazing.

The team picked up awards for:

  • Best Video for our Brexit Bot series – our video which humorously captured the confusion of Brexit while offering a solution to Irish Businesses
  • Client Grand Prix – an acknowledgment of the strength of the 5 entries
  • Best Client Digital Team

AIB Digital and Innovation Team win Social Media Awards 2019 managed by Cian Corbett and Matthew Mooney

AIB win Best Client Team 2019

I’m delighted for the team to have their hard work recognised with these awards and look forward to seeing how this momentum will supercharge our digital and innovation campaigns.

Thank You Leading Social!


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After an exhilarating year in the Managing Director’s seat at Leading Social I’ve decided to take an exciting opportunity and join AIB as Digital and Innovation Marketing Manager. 

I’m incredibly proud of what the team has achieved in the past year – 

  • Two Social Media Awards for Best E-Commerce and Best Facebook page and a nomination for best Social Agency at the Social Media Awards 2018.
  • New Business wins including Vit-Hit, Bewley’s, Arnotts, Spinal Injuries Ireland, Focus Ireland, Student Leap Card and NUIG.
  • A national roll-out for 30 DNG franchises
  • Slick new website

I also joked that I became the ‘Aslan of Digital Marketing Conferences’ having presented at 3XE, Fresh Resolutions, Amplify Digital, IAB Connect, Maven 46, Electric Media’s On Demand Generation session and Retro Digital. Being based in town had it’s advantages too. I enjoyed lecturing for two semesters of Social Media Marketing for IBAT college

A collage of pictures featuring Cian Corbett with Leading Social

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help and support of so many people, most notably the Leading Social team, Jamie White and my contacts who recommended us to businesses which is what keeps independent agencies alive in this climate. It’s very much appreciated and I hope we stay in contact. 

Onwards to the next Digital Marketing adventure! 

The Best of Cannes 2018 – Cian’s View


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One of my ambitions when taking over Leading Social was to instil a culture of learning. This took the form of a weekly session called The Leading Social Academy wherein we took an hour every Thursday afternoon to explore a topic and learn more about our craft and industry.

Last week I lead a session exploring my favourite award-winners from Cannes 2018 where we examined the objectives driving the work and my take on why it was successful. Feel free to review the presentation and watch the ads below!

Irish Times – ‘JFK Unsilenced’

Tide – ‘It’s a Tide Ad’

Savlon – ‘Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks’

Ladbible – ‘Trash Isles’

Apple ‘Welcome Home’

Putting this presentation together was a lot of fun as the work embodies what attracted me to the advertising industry – ads creating value with art. Like I’ve said before; people don’t hate advertising, they hate terrible advertising.

Thanks for reading!


Social Media Circuit Talks – speaking at Retro Digital Live


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One of the best things about managing a team is watching them flourish in the spotlight. That was my experience of sharing the stage at Retro Digital with Jake McCabe, Team Leader in Leading Social. 

Speaking at conferences and lectures and pitches is a skill that can only be perfected with practice. I’d like to think I’ve learned something from every talk I’ve ever given and frequently ask myself after each talk:

  • Have I structured the deck in a way that’s conducive to audience learning?
  • Did I deliver this presentation with passion that commanded attention?
  • Where could I add more interactivity or fun to make this more enjoyable for the audience?

That’s why I feel it’s so important to encourage team members to take the opportunity to seize real experience speaking before an audience. It takes them out of the insular agency environment and casts them into an environment which demands clear communication, energetic explanation and an openness to challenging views. This experience will serve them in pitches and client presentations  in future which will benefit them and the agency.

The team member in question is Jake McCabe – a Senior Account Manager, a Team Leader and Influencer in his own right. Jake did an excellent job of showcasing the skills of Leading Social in campaigns while also giving an insight into the world of Influencer marketing showing his approaching to curating his own Instagram Account as well as his role as influencer for a current Sprite campaign. 

Cian and Jake speaking at Retro Digital Live

Cian and Jake speaking at Retro Digital

With all elements of management there is a constant temptation to try to do everything yourself because it may reach the destination faster or to ensure the output is exactly as you imagined. However, this denies your team members an opportunity to grow in experience. I’d encourage managers to relinquish control and to trust your team to rise to the opportunity – the feeling of watching them succeed is worth it.