During the training sessions we run at we encounter a lot of trainees who state they simply “don’t get twitter”. I feel the main reason behind this confusion is because many compare Twitter to Facebook.

  • Facebook has all of their friends there.
  • It’s easy to find people and to connect.
  • All transactions are transparent.

However, many find Twitter to be more of a challenge.

  • They report that the Twitter platform is not intuitive
  • They’re unsure who exactly they are talking to when they post
  • There’s a limit of 140 characters
It seems our trainees are not alone in their Twitter confusion as there are a reported 175 million registered Twitter users but only 100 million of these users are active as reported by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo 
So what advice could I give these disillusioned Twitter users? The first thing I recommend is downloading Hootsuite. This hugely popular Social Media Dashboard provides a much more intuitive platform to operate Twitter interactions. Users can view their Homefeed, @Mentions, Direct Messages and Sent tweets on one screen in separate columns.
The next step is start to follow people who tweet about what interests you. Are you using Twitter for entertainment? Twitter’s most influential users are Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber!
Are you using Twitter for education? Twitter has become a goldmine of information being shared by specialists in the field. To find out who to follow consult Twellow or Peer Index and find the most active Twitter specialists and follow them.
Are you using Twitter to network? It is becoming common practice to include your Twitter handle (or Twitter name) in your email signature or business card. Scan your business contacts emails for their Twitter handles and include your handle on your signatures. Failing that simply ask people for their Twitter name. Unlike Facebook where adding someone as a friend may seem inappropriate, Twitter is much more open where networking is expected.
And finally, just get involved! Twitter etiquette or Twittequette will become very clear as you interact and get involved. For further tips see this great infographic by OneLilly on Twitter manners below.

Twittequette! Twitter Manners

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