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One of my ambitions when taking over Leading Social was to instil a culture of learning. This took the form of a weekly session called The Leading Social Academy wherein we took an hour every Thursday afternoon to explore a topic and learn more about our craft and industry.

Last week I lead a session exploring my favourite award-winners from Cannes 2018 where we examined the objectives driving the work and my take on why it was successful. Feel free to review the presentation and watch the ads below!

Irish Times – ‘JFK Unsilenced’

Tide – ‘It’s a Tide Ad’

Savlon – ‘Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks’

Ladbible – ‘Trash Isles’

Apple ‘Welcome Home’

Putting this presentation together was a lot of fun as the work embodies what attracted me to the advertising industry – ads creating value with art. Like I’ve said before; people don’t hate advertising, they hate terrible advertising.

Thanks for reading!