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It doesn’t take much to entice me back to Cork so I was delighted to return to speak at Amplify Digital-  Cork’s premier digital marketing conference. It was funny being back on the Cork City Hall stage where I’ve performed a few times with the Frank and Walters but this time I was only armed with a clicker and a few jokes.

Cian Corbett speaking at Amplify Digital, Cork City Hall

Cork City Hall – Big Stage – Small Man


I like to look back on my Twitter feed and see which parts of my presentation resonated most with the audience. This time it was my section on “Living in the Attention Economy”.

Gif showing a computer displaying a newsfeed which says "Look at me" to demonstrate we're Living in the Attention Economy

Previously, I’ve spoken about this premise of the importance of adding value to your audience’s timeline. The reason being we now live in the Attention Economy – if I give you my attention what are you going to give me in return? Marketing has evolved beyond interruption marketing wherein you paid for an impression – audiences now demand more. They’ve given you their attention now give them something valuable in return:

  • Teach them something new or give them something new
  • Make them laugh, cry
  • Help them be their better selves

When you view your content through this lens you pull yourself out of the self-involved messaging and your marketing becomes more customer-centric. Quickly you’ll find that your marketing becomes less transaction focused and more relationship focused which will yield greater long-term benefits.

Cork, you were very kind – see you at Christmas!

Photo of Cian Corbett holding a cup of coffee getting psyched up before speaking at Amplify Digital, Cork City Hall.

Cian getting psyched up before speaking at Amplify Digital