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It’s always an honour to speak at an IAB event because the audience are seasoned marketing professionals. And for that reason, it can also be a little daunting – like a Dentist performing a root canal on a room full of Dentists. Which also makes it more gratifying when the talks goes well. The most tweeted talking point was this GIF

“People don’t hate advertising they hate terrible advertising.”

Gif of a computer showing the Cian Corbett quote - People Don't Hate Advertising - they hate terrible advertising

In recent years I’ve been asked several times about the future of advertising under the threat of Ad Blockers. My reply has been consistent – people don’t hate ads, they hate terrible ads. The rise of ad blockers can be attributed to terrible ads that are interrupting users online experience to the point where they want them blocked. The answer to the threat of ad blockers is “make better ads”. Compare the feeling you get when you’re targeted with a well-thought out piece of content marketing that adds value to your timeline. These might include:

  • SuperValu’s recipes
  • KBC’s localised community guides
  • Electric Ireland’s Smarter Living series

Now compare that to the latest interstitial you were served – that thing that jumped in your face while you were trying to read an article! The customer experiences with your brand’s advertising differ vastly.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking at IAB’s event and I promise I’ll have another viral GIF if they invite me to speak again 🙂