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In my four months of being Managing Director of Leading Social I’ve become a real “Yes Man”. Not to my team but to speaking engagements! From every event, there’s always a few points that are quoted and tweeted so I thought I’d share some of these takeaways with you below.

Electric Media’s #OnDemGen (On Demand Generation) Event at Odeon Cinema


I took part in Electric Media‘s panel discussion about the On Demand Generation or #OnDemGen. This is the generation who’ve never known a world without internet, smartphones and immediate content. This has significant implications for marketers and publishers alike as occasion viewing is becoming less common. 15 years ago it was much easier for media companies to pinpoint a viewing occasion, buy the advertising slot and reach their target demographic but the #OnDemGen doesn’t play by these rules. This generation will catch up on an event on YouTube or download sites or watch something in their own time on Netflix, often choosing to “Binge Watch” rather than wait for a scheduled viewing.

What’s important to remember here is the context in which this generation is consuming this content – they’re not gathered around a TV, they’re watching it on their commute or the gym or at work or *ahem* the bathroom.

A slide demonstrating research showing where the on-demand generation consume TV content out of home

The On-Demand Generation can view TV content out of home in very different places such as commuting, offices or *ahem* bathrooms.

The implications of this for brands who are sponsoring the content is ensuring they are part of the consumed media experience rather than just in the traditional advertising break which could be cut in the #OnDemGen viewing context. Brands should aim to go beyond interruption advertising by adding something to the viewing experience –  perhaps this could be an exclusive add-on or a peek behind the curtain to the making of the content – giving the On-Demand Generation a reason to opt-in to their content.

As the Social Media speaker on the panel, I was asked how brands and publishers could take advantage of Dark Social channels to improve their reach. In my opinion, this is about shaping the content to make it as shareable and value adding as possible. If there’s a demand for this content brands should cater for this demand by helping consumers express themselves through their content:

  • Make the content available in short bursts with Social cut-downs
  • Host the full version on their site where brands can capture data for opt-in marketing
  • Re-target this opted-in audience with future campaigns to build on that relationship.

Cian Corbett discussing the On Demand generation at Electric Media's #OnDemGen event at Odeon Cinema

To successfully serve the On-Demand Generation we need to shed our preconceptions about traditional media planning and content creation. The On-Demand Generation now have more options to opt-in and, more importantly, opt-out of content so give them reasons to choose to watch your content by providing access to content, making it shareable and adding value every time.