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Everyone loves a good story! And no one knows this better than advertisers. For decades brands have been injecting their products with human qualities with a view to creating and sustaining relationships. The continued rise of Social Media has really brought this to the fore with brands needing to create more content to fuel the conversation on Social Media. While before a brand’s annual communications calendar may have relied on a creative campaign per quarter cushioned with sales messages today’s Social Media calendar demands continuous content to stay alive.

As we say in Radical:

“Social Media isn’t just for Christmas”, meaning a successful social strategy needs to be much more than one campaign per quarter – it’s a relationship that needs to be nurtured and developed with value-adding experiences and conversation.

At this year’s Social Media Summit I spoke about the importance of Story Telling and Content Creation in nurturing these relationships. I purported that brands need to define the role their brand plays in the lives of their customers and how social content can tell this story. This should bring every brand on Social firmly into objective lead marketing with each piece of content providing proof of their brand values.

You can view my slides below 🙂