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A few weeks ago I joined Radical’s Hannah-Louise Dunne in presenting our recent Linkedin projects at Linkedin’s Agency Master Class. At this session we detailed our approach to a client’s brief wanting to reach and engage a Business to Business Audience.

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At the beginning of the session I felt compelled to ask the audience what they felt to be the best part of Linkedin.

The room fell silent.

It’s checking who’s viewed your profile, of course! That stuff is delicious! It’s like a Professional Valentine’s Day Card or, better still, a friend in school who knows when someone fancies you! Jokes aside though we did share our views on B2B assignments and approaches to B2B content creation.  

Firstly, we felt it necessary to dispel a common misconception – that B2B means Boring to Boring! Like Gary Vaynerchuk states, we believe that behind every business is a consumer meaning emotions still play a critical role in content. 

We then showcased some recent case studies demonstrating leverage points for B2B content creation:

  1. Create B2B discussion
  2. Share Peer Insights
  3. Leverage Influencers
  4. Seed out new findings

The presentation can be found below, I hope you find it useful in your B2B endeavours!