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This week I had the pleasure of speaking at DIT’s Creative Careers Day in IMMA. It’s always a complement to be invited to speak at events but this event felt special as I was giving helpful advice to creatives getting started in their careers.

Cian Corbett presenting at DIT's Creative Careers Day at Irish Museum of Modern Art

Cian Corbett speaking at DIT’s Creative Careers Day at IMM Pic: Twitter @Eilera7

It can be an unsettling period in your life concentrating on getting good grades in College while a questions mark hangs over your next steps when college finishes. Luckily, these students can begin opening doors for themselves by optimising their Social Media accounts.

My first piece of advice was to decide their “Personal Professional Brand”. From there it’s a matter of cementing their name on Google by surrounding their content with the relevant keywords.

My presentation gave tips on:

  • Blogging to demonstrate your expertise and capture your experience
  • Optimising Linkedin to establish your professional purpose
  • Utilising Twitter to syndicate your content

You can view my slides on the Slideshare below and feel free to tweet me with any questions. Best of luck on the job hunt!