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Last week during Social Media Week I had the pleasure of speaking at Radical’s Social Evening. Sharing their views on how Social is affecting their businesses were Paul Buckley of Aer Lingus, Susan Daly of The Journal.ie and Mark Brennan of AIB.

Cian Corbett Speaking at Radical's Social Media Event during Social Media Week 2016

Facebook know everything about me (even the fact that I made the world’s cutest baby!)

Following the insightful input of our guest speakers my role was to provide closing comments on the growth of Social today and our predictions on where social media will venture and it’s impact on business. 

  1. Rich Media

The arrival of Twitter’s Moments and Facebook’s Canvas have heralded in a new era in Social Advertising. These formats are immersive opt-in value adding experiences and, in my view, are the perfect antidote to the advent of Ad Blocking. We predict the larger social media platforms will continue to improve their ad format offerings and make advertising a more pleasurable experience for their respective communities.

2. E-Commerce

I’m in the Social Media game long enough to remember when you could install a Facebook Shop App on your Business Page (back in 2008) but the end users weren’t shopping on social. Why was this?

The shopping experiences were not uniform as a myriad of third party app developers created the Shopping Apps. In a demonstration of pure customer understanding Facebook ended the use of these apps and developed their own offering. Several years later, along comes M – Facebook Messengers Automated Messenger Bots. M will allow us to order Hailo Apps, send flowers, shop on Amazon all without leaving our Messenger App or fumbling for our Credit Card details.

We predict this exciting space will continue to evolve into a seamless social-commerce transaction format with Facebook leading the charge. 

The Radical Social Evening saw the tremendous growth in Social, success stories from our speakers and our predictions for the future. And our final slide of the night urged the attendees to “Get Excited”: embrace the new formats, utilise the new data points and experiment with the new tools because social is going nowhere but up!

Picture of Cian Corbett speaking about the reach of Facebook during Social Media Week Dublin 2016

Cian talking about the impressive reach of the Facebook Universe which includes Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram

Radical's Social Media Nerd's Cian Corbett and Matt Mooney at Radical's Social Media Event posing with an Instagram frame

Radical’s Social Media Nerds: Cian Corbett and Matt Mooney at Radical’s Social Media Event