Last year I wrote a blog on tips for securing your job in Digital and after a recent bout of conducting interviews a few more came to mind so I wrote a sequel.  

  1. Research the person interviewing you on Linkedin

    It’s not stalking, it’s research. I’m always impressed when interviewing folks who connect with me on Linkedin ahead of time. They get bonus points for referencing one of my Linkedin blog posts! In my opinion, it shows great initiative and demonstrates a Digital mindset by researching the company and the interviewer on Linkedin ahead of time. 

  2. Have your “favourite campaign” example ready

    I love meeting the next generation of Digital superstars and hearing their opinion on campaigns or emerging platforms. If you’re pursuing a career in digital then you should have a passion for the work. You should have a favourite campaign that you saw and an opinion on why it’s great. You don’t necessarily need stats or results to back it up but you do need a genuine interest in the work. Skills can be learned, passion is ideally already embedded.Passion

  3. Follow & Learn from the Influencers

    When I was doing my Masters I needed all the help I could get. One valuable source of input was following Digital Marketing Influencers on Twitter. My Twitter feed was suddenly filled with the latest stats and case studies that informed my projects. Personally, when I read a stat from 2012 proving a point I almost dismiss it immediately. The Digital landscape is so fluid and ever evolving that stats from three years ago don’t hold much weight. Having the very latest stats in your projects and dropping them into interview answers is hugely effective. Having great stats is one thing but following Influencers opinions on these stats is hugely beneficial.

    Remember, if you’re just starting out on your Digital journey learning from the Masters is essential. Take advantage of the Sharing Economy. Back in the Masters Twitter was a primary source of Influencer output but Linkedin and Facebook have since followed suit by allowing us to follow influencers. My Facebook feed is significantly improved with updates from: Gary Vaynerchuk, Sheryl Sandberg and Robert Scoble to name but a few.

  4. Attend a conference

    Ireland’s Digital and Tech industry is bubbling with conferences and meet-ups and tweet-ups. You don’t need to be currently working in the industry to attend and many of them are free of charge. Find out when the next conference is, follow, retweet and connect with the speakers and start networking. You’ll learn new stats, see case studies of successful campaigns and meet new people who could have positions available at their companies (effectively ticking off points 1-3). 

Hopefully there’s some food for thought in those tips and feel free to review the original post for more pointers. As always, if you feel I left one out do let me know!