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I recently shared an image on Linkedin which I think is the ultimate Content Marketing quote from Craig Davis:

Content Marketing Craig Davis Quote

Although I came across this quote over three years ago I feel the challenges facing marketers in 2015 really showed how important creating valuable content truly is. The most pressing of these challenges being the rise of Ad Blocking software threatening what we know as “the free internet” which is funded mostly by advertising. Globally, 200 million people regularly use Ad Blocking software representing 41% growth in 12 months. In Ireland research indicates Irish users employing Ad Blocking software is as high as 18%, higher than their European counterparts at 10-12%.

I feel the rise of Ad Blocking software reflects the increasing need for better advertising and content marketing could be such a cure.

Core Media’s Justin Cullen touched on this saying:

“Consumers need to be shown more respect when it comes to online advertising.”

Put simply – advertisers should strive to avoid creating ads that interrupt and disrupt a users internet experience when they could create something valuable – content that entertains or educates or moves the viewer.

Enter the White Knights of Content Marketing –  Aer Lingus and Radical’s Creative Team- with their tear inducing Christmas campaign “Bringing people home for Christmas since 1936”.

We watched this in work and shed more than a few tears at the sheer emotion of watching families be reunited for Christmas, all made possible by Aer Lingus. This campaign quickly found it’s way into my Facebook Newsfeed from multiple sources (currently at 742K views and 3,804 shares at time of writing) with viewers moved by the same emotions we were. Now compare this advertising experience to an interstitial that’s interrupting the article you’re reading or a pre-roll you’re impatiently waiting to finish before you return to what you were watching.

So congrats to Aer Lingus and Radical’s Creative Team for not only delivering a beautiful campaign but for pushing advertising boundaries to be more than what’s interrupting what people are interested in to being what people are interested in.