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I got a notification from WordPress recently that I’ve been blogging here for 5 years now. Where does the time go!

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I know WordPress put these simple reminder badges out for everyone but it really reminded me why I like blogging and why I try to convince folks during lectures and training sessions why they should blog too.

So in true blogging style I’ll put it in 5 bullet points:

  1. You are who Google says you are!

    I’ve been saying it for years but it’s still so true. Tell Google how good you are or how good your business is and this is the content your next employer, client or customer will find. Linkedin’s new blogging platform affords a greater opportunity to tell Linkedin how good you are too!

  2. You’ll know your subject matter so much better.

    In my line of work, whether it’s presenting strategies to clients, pitching for business or speaking at conferences, I need to know what I’m talking about. Blogging forces me to research topics and find statistics to reinforce my views before sharing them. How else would I know that B2B marketers that blog typically attract 67% more leads than those who don’t 🙂

  3. You create a personal resource bank.

    Have you ever done a presentation or written a paper or even a simple email where you thought, “Wow, that’s actually pretty good!” only to forget about it? Instead of allowing that content to expire on your hard-drive or in your outbox you can host your thoughts on your own blog. Only last week I was asked for advice for graduates from a DCU student and I was able to refer him to an earlier blog with a few tips.

  4. Writing helps you organise your thoughts.

    I recall reading Anthony Keidis’s book “Scar Tissue” years ago and he mentions how writing about his experiences helped him understand his issues, and ultimately his life, more thoroughly. My little Social Media blog couldn’t be further from Keidis’s hedonistic autobiography but I completely see his point. Organising my thoughts for presentation to a reader helps me to distill the important points and cement my stance on a topic.  

  5. Share your knowledge. 

    This is the age of the Sharing Economy – get involved! When studying for my Masters or even learning piano I relied on reading or watching influencers’ and peers’ shared papers, articles and how-to videos. Just like helping out that DCU student it’s important to repay some of that Knowledge Karma.

5 years of Social Media blogging later I hope I’ve demonstrated the benefits which range from the ‘self-centred’ of self-promotion and self improvement to the ‘selfless’ of sharing knowledge.

So before I finish my sermon on writing I turn to one of the Masters of writing G. B. Shaw for inspiration.

Keep blogging, keep creating.

George Bernard Shaw