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Last week I had the pleasure of returning to Dublin City University to speak at the Social Media Conference #GetSocial2015. I decided to present a bespoke presentation called The Evolution of Social Media – the view from the agency floor.

The presentation seeks to demonstrate how far Social Media has come since it’s humble beginnings as “New Media” to the behemoth of digital advertising it is today and examines the seven factors that contributed to this evolution.

In my opinion I propose the evolution (and more importantly, the recognition) of Social Media to be accredited to the following factors:

  1. Peer to Peer recommendations – social media’s ability to increase and infuse trust when a message is shared from Peer to Peer
  2. Awareness – Still ranking as the number one reason marketeers use social
  3. Community Building
  4. Social Advertising – Cost effective and highly targeted
  5. Decreasing Organic Reach – more investment needed to reach that desired audience
  6. Increased Analytics – back in the days of the Masters studying Marketing Metrics, we discussed the difficulty for marketeers to prove the ROI on campaigns. Facebook and Twitter analytics are growing steadily earning Social’s seat at the marketing table.
  7. Social Video – improved native video offerings in Facebook and Twitter are seeing budget redirected from YouTube to Facebook and Twitter where better targeting for lower cost per view can be earned.

The reception from the audience and the complementary tweets moved me to upload the presentation to SlideShare and host on my blog.

If you feel I left any important points out feel free to send me a tweet!