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This week I had the pleasure of taking part in DotNice‘s Podcast series on Reputation Management.

I shared my views on social media issues including:

1) Social Media: B2B Vs B2C

2) Reputation Management through Social Media

3) Converting Through Social Media

4) Common Social Media Mistakes

We ended the Podcast with some general social media tips which may have been influenced by recent 2015 planning sessions with regards to creating great social content.

If I had to pick three quick tips I would choose:

1) Ensure your social media channels are following and executing your business objectives

2) Create a content schedule ahead of each week to resist the urge to post “for the sake of posting”

3) Create “Social Content” designed for social channels. Your social channels just aren’t another dumping ground for your latest flyer or TV ad! Each content post should embrace your followers and fans, create value for them let your personality shine through. Your fans will reward you by engaging and sharing your content for you becoming ambassadors for your brand.

Hope these tips are helpful! Let me know if you think I should have included any more in the comments section 🙂