Recently, I’ve been conducting quite a few Linkedin workshops. This is a reflection of companies’ growing awareness that Linkedin is becoming the powerful networking tool it always promised it would be. I’ve also started to see Linkedin’s significance from the employer’s perspective when I joined a recent recruiting panel at Radical. So I thought I’d share a few quick wins you can make to your Linkedin profile to give your networking and application process a little boost!

1)   Register your Personalised Linkedin URL

The default Linkedin URL will be quite long e.g.  Simply click into your profile settings, click edit profile and customise your public profile URL. Instead you’ll have something like ie.linkedin/in/ciancorbett. You can then list this nicely in your email signature, business card and CV.

2)   Use Keywords in your headline and summary to appear in searches

Like all search engines, the search function on Linkedin uses keyword algorithms to determine who will appear in searches. The important keywords for me are Social Media, marketing and lecturing so these appear regularly in my headline and summary.

Cian Corbett Linkedin Profile

3)   Choose a suitable Profile Picture.

This sounds completely obvious but you’d be amazed at the amount of people with profile pictures from nightclubs, in poorly lit rooms or poorly cropped family pictures. You need to choose a nice professional headshot. Recent studies show that recruiters spend 19% of their time looking at your Linkedin Profile Photo so make sure you’re happy with what they’re looking at!

a heat map of where recruiters look on your linkedin profile

Studies show recruiters spend 19% of their time looking at your Linkedin Profile Picture

4)   Ensure your past positions link to the relevant Linkedin company pages

Since launching the new linkedin profile in October 2012, you’ll have noticed it’s a lot more integrated and colourful than before. This is because the new profile seamlessly pulls in logos from your company presence establishing more credibility to your account. It’s also a lot easier on the eye!

5)   Update your Status regularly!

The most common crime committed on Linkedin is treating it like a mantel piece for your CV and not like the Social Network that it is! The Linkedin status function exists for you to update your network on your activities. These updates could include:

  • New product/project launch for your company
  • Recent awards wins
  • A seminar you’re attending
  • A course you’re taking to up-skill your capabilities

All of these topics remind your network why you and your company are active in your space opening the door to relationships and opportunities. If you find it hard to find time to update your Linkedin status I’d advise using Buffer or Hootsuite which will update them for you when you find an interesting article or website you want to share.

While writing this I reminded of a phrase I use regularly in DMI lectures,

“You are who Google Says You Are”. And while that’s completely true for companies and their Digital Media strategies everyone will agree that for professionals “You Are Who Linkedin Says You Are!”

You are who linkedin says you are @cian_corbett

I hope you found these tips useful. Let me know if you think there’s a better tip that should have made my top 5 in the comments below!