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Last week the Radical Social Team and I attended the Road Safety Authority’s Annual Conference to live tweet and update the Social spaces.
As can be seen in the tweet below, one of the engagement tactics we used was utilising a TwitterWall which can really bring to life Twitter’s reaction to the conference content.

The topic of the conference was especially close to our hearts as it involved technology, especially smartphones. But I was amazed at the role they now play in contributing to road collisions. Did you know any of the following statistics?

  • You are FOUR times more likely to be involved in a road traffic collision if you use your phone while driving
  • 75% of male drivers use their phone while driving
  • Driver Distraction is thought to be involved in 20-30% of all road collisions

The RSA have realised that the key to getting their Road Safety Community involved in changing, not only their road use behaviour but that of their peers, is to encourage social sharing. With this in mind they have created fantastic infographics which capture “bite-sized” pieces of information and are perfect for Social sharing, see below.

RSA Driver Distraction infographic

Road Safety Authority’s Driver Distraction infographic

The conference ended by inviting the attendees, and more importantly the virtual Twitter attendees, to join in on “Switch Off Before You Drive Off Day” on Thursday 27th March.

The RSA are encouraging all road users to remove the temptation to check their phone while driving by simply turning it off before each journey.  You’ll increase your concentration on the road, you’ll decrease your distraction and who knows, maybe you’ll even be a little more relaxed for your journey!

Make sure you follow @RSAIreland for details and if you’re sharing your pledge to Switch Off Before You Drive Off on Thursday 27th, make sure you tweet with the hashtag #DriverDistraction!