I was recently asked to write up a few Restaurant Facebook tips for the Digital Marketing Institute’s newsletter so I thought I’d share them here! Enjoy!

When deciding which restaurant you’re going to what influences your decision? For me it’s always been Word of Mouth. Personal recommendations from my friends and family will always trump an advert when winning me over. Today’s Social Media Age has made this element even more important as the typical Irish customer is armed with a Smartphone and is dying to share his or her opinion about a product or service making Word of Mouth more important and influential than ever. So read below for my Social Media tips for restaurant owners to take advantage of the Social Media Stage!

Cartoon about a restaurant using Social Media

Top Five Facebook tips for the Restaurant Industry

1)      Make sharing the experience easy!

Ensure your venue is registered as a Facebook Place allowing customers to check-in and tell their friends where they are. Go one step further by encouraging this consumer to consumer sharing by offering a free coffee with every check-in!

2)      Extend the customer relationship

Imagine if every customer that dined at your restaurant kept in touch: they can if they become a Facebook fan! Register your Facebook page’s vanity URL and feature it on your website, menus and maybe even on the placemats.

3)      Make your customers the stars of your Facebook page

One way to make your customers feel appreciated is by thanking them for their custom and asking would they like to have their picture taken and put on your Facebook page. Venues like nightclubs and bars are excelling at Social Media by sharing images of their customers on their page who then find their picture on Facebook and share the image with their friends earning a valuable place in the Facebook Newsfeed.


4)      Crowd source your content

Are you stuck for something to share on your page? Ask your Facebook fans! Is there a particular dish on the menu that they would like the recipe to? What dish would they love to see added on your menu? This is a lovely way to involve your fans in your Facebook content and to constructively use their feedback to improve your business.

5)      Give your Facebook fans a Facebook present!

Nothing makes customers feel valued more than giving them a present and you can make your fans feel special with an exclusive Facebook gift. Why not offer your Facebook fans a special Facebook discount? You can do this with Facebook Offers which your fans can download and print and redeem in your venue. This not only adds value to your relationship but also earns a place in the Facebook newsfeed as this Facebook offer is shared with your customer’s friends!