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Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I’m a huge fan of infographics. They are visually appealing and often entertaining way of illustrating statistics which goes hand in hand with what I try to achieve when lecturing in Social Media.

I stumbled across a great infographic on Chris Voss’s excellent Blog while cruising around Twitter. Statistics around Twitter are often hard to come by. Twitter’s founder Dick Costolo recently coyly replied to eager reporters looking for information on Twitter’s financial situation with:

“That is one of the great things of being private, I don’t have to discuss these things”.

Touché Mr Costolo!

The stats that grabbed my attention were the following:

  • 10,245 Tweets per second at the end of the SuperBowl 2011
  • $259 million projected advertising revenue in 2012
  • 1 million accounts added every day
Impressive stats indeed. See below for more!

twitter infographic