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Over the weekend I conducted a Social Media Workshop for the Digital Marketing Institute with a great bunch of participants.
During the Facebook section one of the tips we covered was Facebook’s new scheduling option for administrators of business pages. As I’m an administrator of several pages you can only imagine how much easier this has made my publishing schedule.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs on Edgerank getting the timing of your post is critical if you want to increase your broadcast reach.

Scheduling your post is very straight forward. Simply write your status as normal but instead of pressing “OK” click on the clock symbol as outlined in the picture below.

Scheduling Facebook Post screenshotClicking the clock symbol will give you the option to select the date and time when you would like your post to be published. The only inhibiting factor here is Facebook will ask when your company was set up to add this to your timeline. This  will only be requested once.

I recently used the publishing option for the Frank and Walters page of which I am an administrator. I found a funny image of The Beatles with Yoda singing “All You Need is Love”. The thing is I found this image at midnight on a Wednesday and I knew engagement would be extremely low if I shared it on the page at that time. Instead I scheduled it to be published at 10am on a Friday morning with a Happy Friday message.

Scheduling Posts on Facebook

As predicted, the post received a higher engagement rate of likes and comments and earned 63 shares resulting in a higher broadcast reach.

Facebook scheduling has been a godsend for page admins. Previously, admins were using Hootsuite to schedule posts to be published at a later date. However, this decreased your Edgerank (due to scheduling from a 3rd party app) and sometimes the formatting was altered when sent from this platform making the post look at little sloppy.

I hope this tip has been helpful. Feel free to leave any tips you may have in the comments section!