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It is now three months since SocialMedia.ie began lecturing to final year NUIM business students in Social Media techniques and the results are overwhelmingly positive. Not only are the students learning Social Media Marketing techniques but they are learning the importance of building their own personal brand online. With their eyes fixed on an incredibly competitive job market place these students are aware of the need to have their professional capabilities and qualifications online.

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SocialMedia.ie began the sessions with a statement from Eloqua’s 2011 article “The Grande Guide to the Social CMO” which preaches the statement:

“You are who Google says you are”

You Are Who Google Says You Are

For the first time in history we are authors of own professional reputation. These students are now realising the opportunity to tell employers who they are, what they have achieved and what they are capable of significantly increasing their chances of employment.

The Social Media module has demonstrated that Social Media is not just a place to meet friends online but also a platform to:

  1. Build a highly visible professional CV on LinkedIn
  2. Demonstrate your expertise through blog writing
  3. Follow experts in your area through Twitter
  4. Network with potential employers and collaborators
  5. Exhibit community management skills through administration of a Facebook Business Page/ Group

These students have now written their professional reputation through blogs, optimised their Linkedin accounts and are prepared to be found online by future employers.

Of course these opportunities are not just restricted to students entering the job market. Social Media provides these opportunities for SME’s and marketing managers to build, write or even rescue their online reputation and establish their business as leaders in their fields.