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I was invited to the opening of the Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival last night in The Gaiety Theatre with a visual feast in the form of “Donka, A Letter to Chekhov”.

The spectacle is inspired by the literary works of Anton Chekhov, however, it is not just a literary ode to a literary genius. The show features a beautiful juxtaposition of multi-media visual effects with organic circus magic which would not be out of place in Cirque du Soleil. The play featured a mantra which resonated through each section of the show:

“We should not represent life as it is nor as it should be, but how it appears in dreams”.

An exhilarating scene from "Donka, a Letter to Chekhov"

Donka, a Letter to Chekhov

This child-like fantasy was enacted in the form of exhilarating acrobatics, excruciating contortions, tap-dancing and juggling from the troupe of trained clowns and performers. Add dazzling visuals and haunting musical performances and “Donka, a letter to Chekhov” is a theatrical accomplishment not to be missed. The show runs from September 29th – 1st October with The Ulster Bank Dublin Theatre Festival running until 16th October.

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